Enabling large scale CO2 storage and EOR

Task 3.6: Enabling large scale CO2 storage and EOR

Overall objective: The main objective of Task 3.6 is to conduct research on case studies on CO2 storage sites with injection rates in the Mt/year range.

     Detailed objectives include:

  1.  Direct and align the research in SP3 towards this objective, including collaboration with other projects on the implementation of large-scale CO2 storage in the North Sea.
  2. Increase the understanding of possible issues with formation pressure increase as a result of CO2 injection on a large scale and suggest ways to manage pressure in such a way that both storage safety and storage capacity is maximised.
  3. Develop and provide calculation models for aquifer storage and CO2 EOR for the value chain work in BIGCCS SP4.

Contribution to one or more of the overall goals/objectives of BIGCCS

  1. Common to the research topics is the focus on developing knowledge important for enabling large scale CO2 storage and EOR.
  2. In order to make a measurable contribution to climate change mitigation, CCS must be
    implemented on a large scale, with annual injection rates for storage sites in the Mt CO2/year range. It is an ambition for SP3 of BIGCCS to make a valuable contribution to research that enables storage on this scale.

Goals for 2015

  • Investigate possibilities for establishing an industry funded main project based on the work in the Gassnova-funded phase of the Sentrallager project.
  • Improve estimates for maximum safe injection pressure in an aquifer based on analysis of existing borehole breakout data.
  • Develop methodology for optimal use of large aquifers for multiple independent injection operations
  • Establish the framework for improvement of modules for CO2 storage and CO2 EOR in the BIGCCS CO2 chain model.

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Task 3.6 leader
Alv-Arne Grimstad
Senior Scientist
Dag Wessel-Berg
Research Scientist
Per Bergmo