Oxy-Fuel Technologies

Task 1.4: Oxy-fuel technologies

The overall objective of the task is to provide solutions for Oxy-fuel combustion and Flue Gas Recirculation based CO2 capture technologies


Task 1.4 contributes to the overall objectives of BIGCCS through:

  1. The installation of the high pressure oxyfuel combustion facility (HIPROX), a powerful experimental platform for the creation of new oxy-fuel burners and combustors, as well as an international site for testing equipment through the EU research infrastructure sharing program ECCSEL.
  2. The conception and study of thermal power cycles with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR or FGR) to reach concepts with fuel-to-electricity penalty less than 6 percentage points compared to state-of-the-art fossil fuel power generation.
  3. The collaboration with research groups: DLR (Stuttgart, Germany) and Målardalen University (Sweden) strengthening the international cooperation within the field of CCS.
  4. The study of innovative burner and flame technologies, such as MILD combustion, providing crucial knowledge and a basis for technology breakthroughs.

Some Task 1.4 achievements:

  1. Fully operative high pressure oxy-fuel combustion facility (HIPROX).
  2. Demonstration of the FLOX® concept for flue gas recirculation (FGR) cycles (DLR/Stuttgart).
  3. A supplementary fired unit cycle configuration that has achieved an efficiency penalty less than 6 %.
  4. Benchmarking evaluation of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technologies applied to post-combustion cycles.
  5. Spin-off of a pilot scale oxy-fuel gas turbine project OXYGT with Siemens, NEBB Engineering and Lund University.
  6. Characterization of heat radiation and soot formation in oxy-fuel flames.
  7. New fundamental knowledge acquired in Laser Induced Incandescence (LII) flame diagnostic.
  8. Fate of CO and NOx and in oxy-fuel and post-combustion in FGR cycles.
  9. A PhD on pressurized oxy-coal cycles started in 2011.
  10. Several papers in international peer reviewed journals (Journal of Energy, Applied Energy, Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Energy Procedia)


HIPROX – the high pressure oxy-fuel combustion facility

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