Looping technologies

Task 1.7: Looping technologies

Overall objective: To increase the knowledge and technology basis in CLC reactor system design and oxygen carrier material development in order to bring CLC technology to the next level of maturity.

Contribution to one or more of the overall goals/objectives of BIGCCS

Recent studies indicate that one of the main benefits with CLC technology is the potential low CO2 capture efficiency penalty. As such, it contributes directly to one of the main objectives of BIGCCS which is to develop knowledge and technology with potential of penalty less than 6 %-points.

 Task 1.7 achievements thus far

Based on material screening and testing the task has recommended an oxygen carrier material based on manganese oxide and calcium to be developed further within the project. The task has acquired flexible equipment for oxygen carrier particle production which is being used to formulate optimal production methodology. A fluidized bed reactor of about 3 kW power has been developed, specifically to be used for the first testing of new oxygen carrier materials. At a larger scale, of about 150 kW, the project has developed and built a second-generation fluidized CLC reactor system aiming at high fuel conversion and operational flexibility.
At this size, results will be more realistic and contribute to higher confidence before technology up-scaling.




























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