Application to industry and off-shore

Task 1.5: Application to industry and off-shore

Overall objective: To assess and evaluate the potential for CCS in other industries and offshore.

 Contribution to one or more of the overall goals/objectives of BIGCCS

  1. Assessments of advanced CO2 capture techniques to the benefit of other energy intensive industries and offshore applications
  2. Identifying industrial CO2 value chain that could potentially result in 50% cost reduction

Task 1.5 achievements thus far

  1. Developed methodologies for systematic process design and evaluation of industrial CO2 capture processes.
  2. Developed low temperature CO2 capture process for H2 production from coal that results in an efficiency improvement of 2% points and cost reduction of approximately 30%.
  3. Experimentally verified the potential for retrofitting refinery furnaces with oxy-combustion for a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels. Results indicate that furnaces can be retrofitted without an expensive rebuild.
  4. Numerical simulations performed that showed the potential for retrofitting existing furnaces to H2 combustion. The results indicate that, contrary to expectations, NOx emissions are reduced or remain the same. This has been preliminary verified in lab experiments. Detailed lab testing is ongoing.

Temperature contours from the results of numerical simulation of burner with refinery fuel gas as fuel (left) and pure H2 as fuel (right)

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