CLIMIT PhD Seminar 2016

The CLIMIT PhD Seminar 2016 is held at Scandic Ringsaker Hotel at Hamar (Norway), on October 20-21. The Seminar will be an excellent meeting place for young researchers where you can learn more about CO2 capture and storage (CCS). The seminar is also a very good opportunity to get a broad overview of the latest Read More

BIGCCS Summer Students

2016 is the 10th consecutive year STINTEF Energy welcomes students to the «Summer Job Project». During the spring, more than 330 students have applied for 27 vacancies, and now they are starting their work. Ten years ago the Summer Job Project was launched as an experiment. SINTEF Energy invited 3rd and 4th year students at Read More

Successful BIGCCS webinars

This spring, BIGCCS introduced a webinar series with the aim of disseminating results from the centre activities to its partners. All BIGCCS research task – 14 in total – selected one topic, and made a webinar, which is open for the partners, only. The experiences so far has been very positive. Simply put, a webinar Read More

NCCS på 30 sekunder

NCCS – Norwegian CCS Research Centre – er ett av de åtte nye sentrene for miljøvennlig energiforskning. Her forklares hva NCCS skal gjøre – på 30 sekunder. Se her.

Nye FMEer – SINTEF leder tre

Norges forskningsråd har utnevnt åtte nye Forskningssentre for miljøvennlig energi (FME), og med det lagt til rette for at energinasjonen Norge baner vei internasjonalt. Tildelingen gir nærmere 1,3 mrd. kroner i støtte. SINTEF skal lede tre av sentrene, blant annet NCCS – Norwegian CCS Research Centre. Les mer.

BIGCCS Highlights 2015 (brochure)

This brochure is a mini-version of the Annual Report 2015, and gives you in a condensed format the BIGCCS highlights from 2015. The brochure is intended for printing and should be folded. BIGCCS_A3_2015_Highlights foldable

New BIGCCS PhD – Dr. Snorre Foss Westman

Mr. Snorre Foss Westman successfully defended his PhD thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, on May 3. The title of his thesis was: Vapor-liquid equilibrium measurement data for the two binary systems carbon dioxide + nitrogen and carbon dioxide + oxygen The assessment committee consisted of: Professor John Paul Martin Trusler, Read More

Hva er det egentlig med denne NOx-en?

Hva er egentlig NOx, og er gassen en klimasynder? Og hva har ozon med saken å gjøre? Forsker og forbrenningsekspert Mario Ditaranto ved SINTEF Energi gir deg svarene om eksosgassen. Les mer