Bridging the gap between science and industry relevance

Bridging the gap between science and industry relevance, is a key task for BIGCCS. BIGCCS is in its final year, thus communicating results and findings from the research, and discussing solutions with the industry is extra important. One way to disseminate results and discuss them with the industry is through the 14 webinars we are Read More

BIGCCS contributes in CLIMIT celebration

The CLIMIT Programme is Norway’s national programme for research, development and demonstration of CO2 capture and storage technology (CCS). In connection with the Programme’s 10 year anniversary, BIGCCS contributed with three interviews/videos. See the videos here with: Nils A. Røkke Svend Tollak Munkejord Malin Torsæter See also CLIMITS webpage and the latest Climit Magazine – Read More

BIGCCS Annual Report 2015

By Mona Mølnvik, Director BIGCCS 2015 is the 7th year in operation for BIGCCS – International CCS Research Centre that has grown to a powerful centre of excellence; both in terms of the number of people involved and the results produced. BIGCCS Innovations This was evidenced during the 8th Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture, Transport Read More

Blog: Technical meeting in BIGCCS SP3 CO2 storage

Grethe Tangen, Manager, BIGCCS SP3 During 4-5 February 2016, the eminent researchers dedicated to CO2 storage within BIGCCS gathered for the annual SP3 technical workshop. Mutual updates on the progress of CCS in Europe and USA in light of the UN Climate conference mixed with presentations of ongoing research stimulated enthusiastic discussions. During day 2 Read More

Why produce hydrogen from fossil fuels?

Why produce hydrogen from fossil fuels? How to do it? And what has CO2 capture and storage (CCS) got to do with it? Read the blog from Mari Voldsund, Kristin Jordal and Rahul Anantharaman here.