Blog: Technical meeting in BIGCCS SP3 CO2 storage

Grethe Tangen, Manager, BIGCCS SP3

During 4-5 February 2016, the eminent researchers dedicated to CO2 storage within BIGCCS gathered for the annual SP3 technical workshop. Mutual updates on the progress of CCS in Europe and USA in light of the UN Climate conference mixed with presentations of ongoing research stimulated enthusiastic discussions. During day 2 of the meeting the details related to the work plans for the final year of BIGCCS were tuned.  24 participants from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, BGS, GEUS, NTNU and SINTEF participated.

grethe_photo 1

Representatives of the BIGCCS SP3 CO2 Storage Dream Team: Peter Frykman (GEUS), Carsten Nielsen (GEUS), Nicolaine Agofack (NTNU), Dawid Szewczyk (NTNU), Sohrab Gheibi (NTNU), Jelena Todorovic (SINTEF), Kamila Gawel (SINTEF), Elvira Chavez (NTNU), Jim White (BGS), Peder Eliasson (SINTEF), Rob Cuss (BGS), Andy Chadwick (BGS), Alv-Arne Grimstad (SINTEF), Claus Kjøller (GEUS), Halvor Lund (SINTEF), Malin Torsæter (SINTEF), Pierre Cerasi (SINTEF).

Susan Carroll (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) in lively conversation with SP3 Manager Grethe Tangen (SINTEF)


grethe_photo 3

Multidisciplinary discussion between experts on monitoring and rock physics. Jim White and Rob Cuss (BGS), Peder Eliasson and Pierre Cerasi (SINTEF).


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Pioneers of CO2 Storage – Andy Chadwick (BGS), Erik Lindeberg (SINTEF), Peter Frykman (GEUS) and Alv-Arne Grimstad (SINTEF).