BIGCCS launches webinar series

Welcome to BIGCCS Webinars

As a means to reaching out to partners with results, BIGCCS researchers will offer a series of webinars this spring.

About the webinars

BIGCCS is well into its final year of operation. Over the last seven years, huge amounts of results have been produced. In order to disseminate some of the most important findings, and to discuss them, a webinar series is offered as a service to BIGCCS members during the coming spring. The intention is to have at least one webinar from each BIGCCS research task, but several tasks already plan to set up more.

The plan is to have one webinar each week (more or less) starting in April. Each webinar will typically last for one hour, with 30 minutes for presentation and the rest for questions and discussions.

Joining a webinar

A couple of weeks before the webinar you will receive an invitation to the webinar with a possibility to register. If you choose to register, you will receive a confirmation with a link for joining the webinar.

Joining the webinars is free of charge and does not require any software installation. In case you cannot attend a webinar, you can always download a recording of it later at a convenient time for you (provided you have registered for the webinar). The webinar series, which is open to BIGCCS partners only, is announced on

Preliminary program

The first three webinars are held on the following dates:

  • April 8:                 Knowledge for safe and efficient CO2 transport (Task 2.1)
  • April 14:               CCS value chain analyses to enable full-scale CCS projects (Task 4.1)
  • April 22:               CO2 injection well integrity (Task 3.5)

Other topics on the list are:

  • Development of novel precipitating solvent system for CO2 absorption (Task 1.1)
  • Dynamics and control – From fundamental dynamic modelling of unit operations to advanced process control structure models (MPC) for implementation at Tiller and TCM (Task 1.1)
  • Development of ceramic hydrogen permeable membranes for pre-combustion CCS: Fabrication and flux characteristics (Task 1.2)
  • Challenges and opportunities in enabling hydrogen-fired gas turbines (Task 1.3)
  • Towards demonstration of natural gas based CCS by oxy-fuel and EGR technologies (Task 1.4)
  • H2 production with CO2 capture ( Task 1.5 in collaboration with Task 1.6)
  • Comparison of CO2 capture from the NGCC with solvents and Ca-looping (Task 1.6)
  • Affordable Carbon Capture with Chemical Looping Combustion (Task 1.7)
  • Ca-based sorbents for CO2 removal in continuous processes (Task 1.7)
  • Fracture propagation control in CO2 transport pipelines (Task 2.1)
  • Ship transport of CO2 (Task 2.1)
  • High-resolution seismic CO2 monitoring (Task 3.3)
  • Uncertainty quantification in CO2 monitoring methods (Task 3.3)
  • Shale creep as a leakage healing possibility (Task 3.4)
  • Low frequency rock physics testing: calibrating seismic monitoring in the lab (Task 3.4)
  • Safe plugging of CO2 wells (Task 3.5)
  • Enabling reuse of oil/gas wells for CCS purposes (Task 3.5)
  • Benefit vs. cost of water production for enhanced CO2 storage capacity (Task 3.6)
  • Enabling CO2 capture through integrated techno-economic assessments: The example of post-combustion membrane (Task 4.1 in collaboration with task T1.5)

Dates and times for these webinars will be announced on:

Help us spread the message

Hopefully, the webinars could be of interest to other individuals in your company. Please, feel free to share this e-mail with your colleagues and ask them to let us know that they are interested in receiving invitations. Individuals interested in joining one or more of the webinars should send an e-mail to: [email protected]. We will then add the names to the invitation list. Of course, anyone can at any time request their address to be removed from the invitation list.

We are also interested in hearing from you regarding the topics we have selected – positive or negative. If you have suggestions for other topics that you feel would be worthwhile a webinar, let us know ([email protected]).

Stay tuned for more information about the BIGCCS Webinar series at:


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