CLIMIT 10 years – BIGCCS videos

CLIMIT celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2015, and in that connection three video presentations have been produced with central BIGCCS researchers. See the presentations of Svend Tollak Munkejord, Malin Torsæter and Nils Anders Røkke (in Norwegian).

When CLIMIT was started 10 years ago, the goal was improved and more sustainable technologies for the capture, transport and storage of CO2. Significant progress has been made towards that goal. The technology is now practically ready to be used. During the first 10 years, CLIMIT has not only brought research many steps forward, but it has also generated considerable expertise in Norway, both in research circles and among industrial partners. The close and long-term cooperation between research and industry are some of the unique aspects of CLIMIT and essential to getting the technology out of the laboratory and into reality. Thanks to CLIMIT, Norwegian research groups have also become very attractive as partners for scientists in other countries. See more videos here.

A magazine on the CLIMIT achievements can be found here.