PhD Defence December 2, Marcin Damien Dutka

Marcin Damien Dutka has submitted the following academic thesis:

« Emissions of nitrogen oxides from partially premixed flames stabilized on a conical bluff body»

The Faculty has appointed the following Assessment Committee to assess the thesis:

  • Dr. Sebastien Gaston Julien Caillat, Fives Stein, France
  • Professor Morten C. Melaaen, Telemark University College, Norway
  • Professor Bernhard Müller, NTNU

Professor Bernhard Müller, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, has been appointed Administrator of the Committee.

The public defence of the thesis takes place on 02.12.15 at 13:15 in EL6, NTNU, Gløshaugen.

Professor Terese Løvås, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, has been the candidate’s main supervisor. Research Director Mario Ditaranto, Sintef Energy AS, has been the candidate’s co-supervisor.

The trial lecture will take place on 02.12.15 at 10:15 in EL6, NTNU, Gløshaugen on the following prescribed subject: “Modelling of turbulent reacting flows in multi-scale systems”