PhD Defence December 2, Marcin Damien Dutka

Marcin Damien Dutka has submitted the following academic thesis: « Emissions of nitrogen oxides from partially premixed flames stabilized on a conical bluff body» The Faculty has appointed the following Assessment Committee to assess the thesis: Dr. Sebastien Gaston Julien Caillat, Fives Stein, France Professor Morten C. Melaaen, Telemark University College, Norway Professor Bernhard Müller, Read More

Research visit to enable CO2 capture from coal power plant using membranes

By Simon Roussanaly Electricity generation from coal represents 41 and 30 percent of the world and European electricity generation, respectively. In this perspective, CCS is considered a promising measure in reducing CO2 emissions and negative climate impact from power generation. As part of the BIGGCS FME Centre, promising technologies for CO2 capture such as membranes Read More

EU Parliament Hearing and GATEWAY Kick-off

By Elisabeth Tanami Vågenes, SINTEF Energy Research Thursday 12 November, 2015, was an important and encouraging day for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Europe. The day started with a high-level hearing titled «Towards a global CCS breakthrough: Lessons from abroad & a plan for the EU”, took place in the European parliament. Around 120 Read More

Bellona og SINTEF ønsker velkommen til Bioforum med fokus på karbonnegative løsninger 16. november 2015

16. november inviterer Bellona og SINTEF til Bioforum med fokus på karbonnegative løsninger, herunder Bio-CCS: kombinasjonen av bærekraftig biomasse med karbonfangst- og lagring. Ved å fange og lagre CO2 fra det naturlige kretsløpet, vil Bio-CCS fjerne overflødig CO2 fra atmosfæren og dermed bremse – kanskje til og med reversere – klimaforandringene. Siste rapport fra FNs Read More