Opening of SINTEF Energy Lab

On September 2 HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus opened the new SINTEF Energy Lab at Blaklia, Trondheim.

Haakon Magnus

SINTEF President Unni Steinsmo welcomes Crown Prince Haakon Magnus to SINTEF Energy Lab. Foto: SINTEF/TiTT Melhuus.

SINTEF Energy Lab represents the next generation energy laboratories, and will be an important tool in the development of future power systems. The new lab is established to deal with energy challenges through development of knowledge and technology for: power grids, off-shore wind, power supply for deep-sea installations, bioenergy, and CCS. More information about the lab and its facilities can be found here.

SINTEF Energy CEO, Dr. Inge Gran, said the SINTEF Energy Lab strengthens the energy research in Trondheim and Norway, He added that the lab, which is operated in close cooperation with NTNU, gives room for experimental activities to the benefit of our clients.

BIGCCS Director, Dr. Mona Mølnvik, held one of the opening addresses. She pointed to the urgency of implementing CCS technologies in order to limit the global temperature increase to two degrees. She said that CCS is already a reality. Full-scale CO2 capture projects are in operation, and USA and China have concrete plans for CCS. On the other side, Norway has 20 years of experience with CO2 storage at the Sleipner field. With the new SINTEF Energy Lab we now have a unique opportunity to develop knowledge-based solutions for CCS.

SINTEF Energy Lab was officially opened by HRHs Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and Crown Princess Mette-Marit on September 2. This is the third time the royal family visits the labs of SINTEF Energy. In 1960 King Olav and Crown Prince Harald opened the first high-voltage lab at EFI (SINTEF Energy’s predecessor), and in 1986 Crown Prince Harald and Crown Princess Sonja visited SINTEF and NTNU’s laboratories at the «Electro building» at Gløshaugen.

The 5.400 m2 laboratory at Blaklia has cost NOK 165 million, and consists of halls for experimental activities, offices and meeting rooms.