ECCSEL Kick-off Meeting

On the 10th of September the kick-off meeting for the new Horizon 2020 project ECCSEL Infradev-3 was held in Oslo. Representatives from almost all partners were attending, which include 14 research institutes and universities from 9 European countries.

The ECCSEL project was first initiated and put on the ESFRI roadmap back in the end of 2008. Since then, the project has gone through two preparatory phases funded by EU FP7, Research Council of Norway and the Climit program, and by other partners. Beginning with the kick-off meeting we are finally ready to enter the operational phase of ECCSEL. Researchers from mainly Europe, but also world wide, will have the opportunity to conduct their CCS research using a long list of state-of-the art research facilities available from the partner organizations. ECCSEL will become a world-class research infrastructure, providing transnational access of its experimental facilities.

At the kick-off meeting the General Assembly and the Steering Board were elected, before we put our heads together planning the initial activity of the operational phase. There are a lot of tasks to be dealt with, but with a good collaboration atmosphere and eager researchers and leaders, the ECCSEL Operational Center and common infrastructure will become a key element in making the development of large scale CCS in Europe a success story.

ECCSEL Kick-off