PhD Defence September 15 – Espen Birger Raknes

Espen Birger Raknes has submitted the thesis «Three Dimensional Elastic Full Waveform Inversion» as part of his doctoral work at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The project has been financed by BIGCCS. Espen will defend his PhD thesis on September 15, 2015. The defence will take place at Rådssalen, Main Building, Gløshaugen. The trail lecture starts at 10:15 and the defence at 13:15. Both lectures are open to the public.

Espen Birger Raknes_400x600

Espen Birger Raknes

Inverted elastic models are used to improve the seismic images and to understand the migration pathways of the injected gas in the subsurface. The aim of this thesis is to extend the FWI method to three dimensions using isotropic elastic wave theory, in addition to apply the method on time-lapse seismic data to reveal time-lapse changes directly in the elastic parameters.

Full abstract of the thesis can be found here.