GATEWAY – connecting CO2 sources to a central storage site

GATEWAY is a new Horizon 2020 project focusing on accelerating CCS deployment. The strategy is to develop a model case aimed at commencing an initial cross-border gateway connecting available CO2 sources and possible sinks. Project coordinator, Dr. Marie Bysveen, and, Dr. Jens Hetland, describe the project on SINTEF Energy’s blog. Read more.

Flow of CO2 in pipes

SINTEF Chief Scientist, Dr. Svend Tollak Munkejord has issued a new blog article on flow of CO2 in pipes. The blog is based on modelling work performed in the CO2 Dynamics project. Read More.

BIGCCS Annual Report 2014

The BIGCCS Annual Report 2014 is now avaialable on the BIGCCS web. The report summarizes the 2014 acheivements and highlights with a focus on innovation, and offers statistical information on people and publications. You can find the report here.