New BIGCCS PhD – Marcin Dutka

Marcin Dutka successfully defended his PhD thesis titled «Emissions of nitrogen oxides from partially premixed flames stabilized on a conical bluff body» on December 2. Hydrogen is present in the fuel gases of many industrial process, such as refineries, as a by-product and it is the decarbonized energy carrier in pre-combustion CO2 capture routes. Although Read More

CLIMIT 10 years – BIGCCS videos

CLIMIT celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2015, and in that connection three video presentations have been produced with central BIGCCS researchers. See the presentations of Svend Tollak Munkejord, Malin Torsæter and Nils Anders Røkke (in Norwegian). When CLIMIT was started 10 years ago, the goal was improved and more sustainable technologies for the capture, transport Read More

Ensuring that CO2 stays underground

BIGCCS researcher Peder Eliasson is interviewed by about his research activities on CO2 storage. In this article he explains what is done to ensure that the stored CO2 actually remains underground. Read the article here (in Norwegian).

COP21: What’s up in Paris?

Nils A. Røkke, SINTEF Executive Vice President Sustainability, is present at the COP21 in Paris. Tuesday, December 8, he participated in a side-event to COP21 where he disclosed the NORDICCS Roadmap for CCS, the ideas about hydrogen from natural gas as a long term solution for Norwegian gas exports and the storage potential. The research he presented Read More

PhD Defence December 2, Marcin Damien Dutka

Marcin Damien Dutka has submitted the following academic thesis: « Emissions of nitrogen oxides from partially premixed flames stabilized on a conical bluff body» The Faculty has appointed the following Assessment Committee to assess the thesis: Dr. Sebastien Gaston Julien Caillat, Fives Stein, France Professor Morten C. Melaaen, Telemark University College, Norway Professor Bernhard Müller, Read More

Research visit to enable CO2 capture from coal power plant using membranes

By Simon Roussanaly Electricity generation from coal represents 41 and 30 percent of the world and European electricity generation, respectively. In this perspective, CCS is considered a promising measure in reducing CO2 emissions and negative climate impact from power generation. As part of the BIGGCS FME Centre, promising technologies for CO2 capture such as membranes Read More