High pressure oxy-fuel combustion testing performed in HIPROX infrastructure

The first phase high pressure oxy-fuel combustion testing in the Gassnova funded OXYGT project (www.gassnova.no) has been successfully achieved. The adapted gas turbine burner has been run under extensive operating conditions and up to a pressure of 7 bar. The accumulated measurement results are now under processing. The oxy-fuel gas turbine is the key component Read More

Einar Vøllestad awarded his PhD

Einar Vøllestad successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled «Mixed proton electron conducting oxides as hydrogen transport membranes in electrochemical potential gradients” February 13th at the department of chemistry, University of Oslo. His work was funded through BIGCCS and he was joined by fellow SINTEF researchers and collaborators also working on Innovative Membrane Technologies (Task 1.2).