BIGCCS Vision and Goals

The vision of the BIGCCS Centre is to enable sustainable power generation from fossil fuels based on cost-effective CO2 capture, safe transport, and underground storage of CO2.

The BIGCCS Centre develops new knowledge and technology required to accelerate deployment of large scale CCS, through international co-operation. Innovation and value creation is promoted throughout the CO2 value chain.

Research areas:

  • CO2 capture – power generation and industry
  • CO2 transport
  • CO2 storage
  • CO2 value chain


Latest news

Technical meeting in SP2 CO2 Transport

By Svend Tollak Munkejord On Monday 17 November, BIGCCS sub-programme 2 on CO2 Transport arranged a technical meeting to inform centre partners on the current status and progress. Representatives from industry and the Research

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Mansor Soroush

PhD Mansour Soroush

Mansour Soroush successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Different Phenomena in CO2 Storage in the Saline Aquifers” on May 27th. As part of the research, 2D glass model experiments

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